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Unit Plans:

Perfect for students, the 22 square meter studio unit is complete with a living space, bedroom and a kitchen area. For more open space, its 26 square meter studio garden unit include a three meter garden balcony. Blue Residence possesses several bedroom units ideal to every individual's need. Its 23 to 24 square meter one bedroom units contain an eight square meter sleeping area and a six square meter garden balcony. Then, its one bedroom deluxe units, which ranges from 30 to 31 square meters, possess an eight square meter sleeping area and a six square meter garden balcony. Moreover for more appetite for space, its 40 to 48 square meter garden units possess a 14 to 17 square meter balcony with a 9 to 10 square meter sleeping area. And lastly, perfect for sharing or young families, its 44 square meter two bedroom units includes a seven to 13 square meter sleeping area with a nine square meter living space.

Uniquely scaled to the needs of its populace, Blue Residence is complete with three swimming pools and a jogging area. For other activities for entertainment and relaxation it holds function rooms, student lounge areas and a roof deck with an urban garden.


  • Grand Lobby With Lounge Area
  • Amenities Lounge At The 7th Floor
  • Roof Deck Lounge
  • Function Rooms
  • Modern Tropical Landscape Area
  • Children's Playground
  • Adult And Kiddie Pools
  • Pool Deck Area
  • Student Lounge
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The saying about no work and no play makes for a very dull day can't be truer. In that most college, students find that they just can't afford to have a real good time between rent and utilities, in most cases financially after paying for all the essentials, there is never anything left over. Economically speaking entertainment costs are at an all-time high. Even the cost of a movie ticket in most areas can be considered too expensive. Financially speaking in the real world, most people are finding it harder and harder to separate work and play. Most people are too tired after a hard days work to do anything else. After spending the whole day between studies and work who wants to leave their house? The answer is no one. This real estate is making it easier for these individuals to be still able to have fun after work and still not ever have to leave their “home.” Staying home and having a full time can no longer be a burden but an opportunity to experience everything life has to give from work and responsibility to enjoy their early years. How is this possible you ask. The architectural design of this property makes all things possible.

The amenities included on this property is at an all time high. If you are a fitness guru, that’s great there are plenty of jogging trails to choose from as well as a fitness gym so that you can get that early morning run or workout in before you start your day. Although there are a large pool and spa area for those of you that only want to enjoy a leisurely swim, then for all those competitor swimmers out there, they also have lap pool so that you can also get your laps and cardio pumping and not have to worry about other swimmers invading in your lane. Although there is a pool area, you also have the benefits of having a pool deck area as well as a wet play spot. For most teens these days it can almost be safe to say that there is a good chance that they may have a young child in tow. So, utilizing these statistics included on site on the property is a children's playground. You won't have to go far to give the kids a day out.  These units features make setting up play dates easier. Because this place is also kid friendly, meeting new people to socialize with has never been easier. With this many apartment units in one location, there is always something to do and have real fun for the whole family.

Shopping is also made easy, with access to a 24/7 convenience store located on-site. If you are ever in need for a gallon of milk or just a midnight snack you never have to go far. The possibilities are limitless when you are looking at the benefits of living here. If you want a little poetic justice, there is a coffee shop right there for you to experience a new world or simply want to get the day started with a good cup of Joe. There is also a Review Center, a Computer Center as well as an Internet Center. The purpose is for those needing to complete projects, check emails and do research to complete their studies. Doesn’t everyone want to live in a place where everything is at your disposal?  Having focused on everyone's needs from business to pleasure these properties are going to be one that is considered high in demand. Taking a piece of paradise makes life easier

 If you do not want to cook? That is no longer a problem to not have to travel when not wanting to cook, why because the convenience of not having to travel to get a nice dinner. Why may you ask? The on the premises specialty restaurant makes it not just convenient but easy to have a nice night out at home. The grand lobbies and multi- purpose function rooms also make it simpler to host special events straight from the comfort of your building. If you want to impress the CEO’s and get that much-needed promotion, you can always offer to host an event or meeting from the Roof Deck Lounge or even and amenities bar on the 7th floor. The multi-purpose halls make it a prime destination to host weddings or family reunions. With the mention of a destination weddings, the beautiful and magically constructed tropical gardens are also an excellent location for a mock destination wedding. The ability to target a large variety demographic make Blue Residences of Quezon City the best place to liv meeting all your needs and the needs for those to come.

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